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Cypress Bible Institute has a steadfast commitment to convey to students the truth of God's Word. We are indeed in the business of proclaiming truth to the world. We have dedicated our self to the highest academic standards in all our courses and programs. Cypress Bible Institute offers diplomas in Theology: Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctor and Ph.D. in Religion, Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Psychology, and Bachelor of Sociology.

Understanding CBI Course Symbols

Course Symbols

0-Old Testament Studies

N-New Testament Studies


B-Bible Backgrounds


G-General Studies


S-Special Studies

D-Doctor Studies

Ph-Philosophy Studies

Associate of Theology(60 Credits)

0-1 The Major Prophets

0-2 The Minor Prophets

0-3 Old Testament Survey

0-4 The Tabernacle

N-5 The Gospels

N-5A The Life of Christ

N-6 The Epistles

N-8 Acts

B-15 Bible Lands & Customs

G-21 Bible Women

S-34 Bible Men

G-24 The Principles of Christian Living

Bachelor of Theology (68 Credits)

N-7 The Life of Paul

H-9 Church History I

H-10 Church History II

H-11 400 Silent Years

B-13 Bible Geography I

B-14 Bible Geography II

T-19 Trinity or Truth

T-20 The Truth of The
Oneness Doctrine

G-25 Evolution Vs. Creation

P-26 Revelation

S-36 The Monarch of The Books

P-27 Daniel

S-30 Tongues

PR-95 Top 14 Sermons

Master of Theology (90 Credits)

D-43 Bible Astronomy

S-42 Textual Criticism

S-28 50 Bible Sermons

B-16 Biblical Archaeology

S-31A Hermeneutics

D-76 Christian Growth & Development

T-20D Bible Doctrine I

T-21D Bible Doctrine II

T-22D Bible Doctrine III

T-23D Bible Doctrine IV

S-33 The Occult

T-17 Theology I

T-18 Theology II

G-22 USA Religions

G-23 World Religions

S-38 Ancient Hebrew History

S-64 Hebrew I

T-24 Christology

T-25 Pneumatology

T-26 Bibliology

S-40A Jesus In Hell

S-32 Themes

Doctor Of Theology (74 Credits)

S-36 Monarch of The Books

D-44 Ancient World History

D-42 The English Bible

D-46 Trinity Origin Notes

D-53 Philosophy I

D-76-2 Predestination

D-57 Mythology

D-41 The Jewish Feasts

D-48 UFO Research

D-49 Archaeology Discoveries

D-50 Israel

D-51 Christian Marriage

D-76-1 Sociology

D-45 Misc. Notes & Sayings

D-47 Greek Words

D-54 Ancient Philosophers

D-55 Theology III

D-40 Historical Facts & Findings

S-66 The Trinity Development

H-12 Apostolic History Outline

D-52 Theology Research

S-65 Doctrinal Thesis

Doctor of Philosophy in Religion (130 Credits)

Ph-77 The Didache

Ph-78 Paleontology

Ph-79 Anthropology

Ph-80 Moral Philosophy

Ph-85 Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Ph-84 Creation Vs. Evolution II

H-12A Star of David

Ph-97 Religions & Religious Groups

S-39A Bible Standards

Ph-93 The Kings James Version of The Bible

S-27-1 Parential Responsibilities

Ph-82 Thesis on Jerusalem

Ph-96 The Name & The Anointing

Ph-92 Greek II

Ph-98 Doctrinal & Theoreitical Isms

Ph-99 Patrology I

Ph-100 Patrology II

Ph-101 Marriage & Homosexuality

Ph-102 Creeds & Councils

Ph-103 Church History Outlines

Ph-104 Advanced Philosophy II

Ph-105 Sermons in Nutshells

S-39B Abortion

Ph-106 Tithing

S-41A Where Are The Dead

Ph-107 Comparative Theology

Ph-108 Essential Theology

Ph-83 Doctrinal Thesis