Welcome Letter
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Christian Friend,

There is no better way to learn the Bible than to attend a Bible College, but sometimes this is not possible.  That is the reason Cypress Bible Institute has developed the Home Correspondence program.

This program is designed to help your knowledge of the Bible as a pastor, teacher, or a saint in your church.  We feel it is very informative and practical.  All courses are typewritten and bound in a three ring hardback folder ready for use.

It is up to you to take the first step.  In order for you to achieve your Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctor and Ph.D. in Religion diploma, you have to enroll with us, but that is the easy part.  You need no previous experience.

Now, you can get your diplomas in Theology, just like many others, this easy way - at home.  You study at your own pace; no one else rushes you; no one holds you back.  Everything you need to know is in the materials we send.  Your program is special, which means that every one of your courses is designed to help you learn more of the Word of God.

AT CBI there is no waiting line.  When you have a question about anything that is not clear to you in your lessons, you can e-mail us, call us, or write to us for the answer.  As soon as you complete each subject, you are gaining more than knowledge, you are gaining credit toward your diploma in Theology.

So, do not wait another moment.  Enroll now and start toward a rewarding education in Theology.  You can receive all the training you need at home in your spare time.  If you are working, your program will not interfere with your schedule.

Please...don 't let indecision rob you of your chance to achieve your diploma in Theology and a greater understanding of the Bible.  Now, after visiting our web site it is up to you to get started.  I will be waiting for your reply, and your application .

Yours in Christ,
Rev. D.R. Vestal, Ph.D.