Students Speak
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Ministers Speak

Elder Drysdale, Ocala, Florida

I have enjoyed the courses very much and have recommended the program to a young man in prison. I am also going to mention your correspondence school at our business meeting, as I know there are a number of ministers who would like to enroll in the Bachelor program. The study of the Feasts of Israel I found to be very helpful, especially in the prophetic sense."

Mark Wiltfong, Ft. Worth, Texas

"I look forward to completing my education at Cypress Bible Institute. I do accept and appreciate the opportunity to do so. Many thanks for the wonderful opportunity you have made available for the spiritually hungry men and women of God."

James Rowland, Riverside, California

"The study under your program has opened my mind anew and it feels wonderful. I am learning many things that I never learned in school as a Baptist. I can see the years of planning and work you have put into this endeavor for Christian education. May God bless you for your time and effort."

David Lewis, McAllen, Texas

"The very day I received the course on 50 Sermons For Saints & Sinners, I had been in prayer for messages from God. This sermon course came, I believe, as an answer to prayer. And after finishing this course I have already used several of these sermons and plan to use more as the Lord directs. They were a God-send just at the very time I needed them. Not only was I blessed, but the church I pastor was also blessed and I will be blessed in the future. Thanks be to God."

B.J. Crenshaw, Lanett, Alabama

"These materials are excellent, well researched, and will make a great reference and information source for any library. I cannot believe just how much I have learned from your courses, thank you again for allowing me to enroll in Cypress Bible Institute."

James February, Friendly, West Virginia

I have greatly enjoyed the Bachelor studies and have learned much. I am looking forward to the Master studies. I have re-read my Bachelor material again and again, and I have recommended your school to several minister friends. Continue the great work you are doing brother, and I pray that many will benefit from your labor."

Prisoners Speak

Terry Johnson, Greencastle, Indiana

"Thank you for your love and concern for many of the souls God has sent to you in obtaining more knowledge of God. May He richly bless you and your family as well as all those who are enrolled in Cypress Bible Institute."

Ricky Joseph, Chino, California

"Rev. Vestal, I pray that this letter reaches you in the joy of the Lord. I praise God always for your service in the Lord, which is very much appreciated by me and others who are enrolled in Cypress Bible Institute."

Woodrow Lockett, Avenal, California

"Dr. Vestal, the information you sent to me was truly a good response to a very weak argument. I am truly convinced that the house of Yahweh is false and it distracts men from the truth of God's Word. Thank you for that information, it will be a blessing to many brothers. Thank you again for being there for me over the last three years. I know the Lord Jesus is blessing you because you have not forgotten about the brethren in prison. God bless in Jesus Name!"

Mickey Powell, Wasco, California

"Bro. Vestal, I am enjoying the lessons very much, I especially enjoyed the lesson on the beatitudes, they have stuck with me more than all the rest. The way they were broke down made them spiritual meat and I am still dining on them."

John Randall, Midway, Texas

"Dear Bro. Vestal, I have studied the lesson on 50 Sermons For Saints & Sinners for the past two weeks and have learned a lot from them. Thank you for allowing me to preach them as the Holy Spirit leads me to do so. Here on the unit I have told others about your programs and what you do for those in prison."

Samuel Young, Pendleton, Indiana

"Praise the Lord!" "It gives me much joy to know that we have someone who is preaching and teaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I truly look forward of attaining my diplomas in Theology with Cypress Bible Institute. May God continue to bless you and your good work for those incarcerated."

Joseph Roberts, Sparta, Georgia

"Rev. Vestal. I pray that all is well for you and your loved ones. I'm writing to say that I just completed the 20 themes for my Master diploma in Theology, and I must say that it was very good for me to have to research and write all that I have learned in the past year or so. The knowledge that Cypress Bible Institute has given me is priceless, and I now can say that I am ready to go into the world and teach the gospel. I am very happy to be a student at Cypress Bible Institute."

Fernando deLezica, Jackson, Michigan

"Greetings to all at Cypress in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. These studies in Theology have given me the opportunity to apply fellowship in an effective manner. The course you offered on Moral Philosophy was especially useful to me in sharpening my communication skills and finding reason for applying mature patience while discovering a brother's true intentions within a given conversation. I feel fortunate indeed to prepare for work in our Lord's kingdom."