We at Cypress Bible Institute are very proud of our correspondence program. The basic content of each course is a manual, and exam. You will be exposed to several typewritten pages of classroom notes, and then be required to answer questions relative to that subject. In this manner, you learn to the maximum and have all the classroom notes of each course.

These Degrees in Theology will not be purchased but will be earned. This course of study will be beneficial to you and your church for many years to come and make excellent reference material for your ministry and church library. You can be assured that these courses are academically excellent. You will be proud of your distinguished Degrees, and the fact that you are an alumnus of Cypress Bible Institute.
We will accept previously accrued college credits earned in the study of Theology and give credits to the number of years in the ministry (20 years max. credits). All students must start on the Associate level unless approval is given by the Admissions Board to start at a higher level.

Consider the following:
1. Cypress Bible Institute takes the student to the heart of knowledge.
2. Earn an Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctor, or Doctor of Philosophy in Religion Degrees.
3. The student may complete the studies at home at his/her leisure, to save on finances.
4. Learn in-depth, the Bible, and its teachings.
5. It enables the student to engage in the excitement of learning and the thrill of communicating.
6. The student may enroll and begin the studies at any time, and proceed as rapidly as time and ability permit.

Please contact us today by phone, mail, e-mail, or download the enrollment application. If you need additional information please feel free to contact us.

Academic Policy
At Cypress Bible Institute we are committed to maintaining a high standard of academic excellence. We are the center for academic research. The vision of CBI is to educate students in the field of Theology, so they may become the best they can be for the Kingdom of God.

GPA Requirements
Students applying for enrollment at Cypress Bible Institute must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Students must be at least 16 years old to apply for enrollment. All students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average in order to receive diplomas.

Non-Discriminating Policy
Cypress Bible Institute will accept students of any race color or ethnic or national origin.

Enrollment Procedure
1. The Application – The enrollment application should be completed and returned to CBI with the enrollment fee and a check or money order made out to Cypress Bible Institute according to the payment plan selected.
2. Entry Level – Each enrollment application will be evaluated by the Admission Board to determine the starting level. All students must start on the Associate level unless approval is given by the Admissions Board to begin at a higher entry level.
3. Transcripts – An official transcript should be submitted to CBI from the appropriate school if a student desires credit toward a diploma in Theology. A copy of other degrees or diplomas will be sufficient in most cases. Credit will be granted when an evaluation is completed by the Admission Board.
4. Life Experience Credit – Life experience credit will be granted toward a diploma when possible. A complete resume should be submitted giving documented proof for credit desired. Credits will be given for a number of years in the ministry, with a maximum of 20 credits for 20 years. Resumes should be typed and submitted with the application. Please allow one week for an evaluation.
5. Transfer of Credits – Cypress Bible Institute will accept credits from most Pentecostal Bible Colleges, along with many credits from other accredited institutions. All students requesting transcripts from CBI must submit this request in writing to the Admissions Board.

Refund Policy
Withdrawal must be done by submitting a formal letter to CBI stating the reason for withdrawal.
Tuition refunds for students who withdraw will be computed as follows:
One week or less – 90%
Two weeks or less – 70%
Three weeks or less – 50%
Four weeks or less – No refunds are granted
Refund fees are calculated on the amount which has been paid into the students account.

Course Work
Each student will receive a course lesson in a hardback binder along with exam sheets. Study the materials you receive, complete the exam and mail it back to CBI to be graded and returned with your next lesson. Do not send answer sheets back by e-mail.
A student may take as long as necessary to complete a specific course. All lessons are sent to the student in proportion to the funding on their account.

Graduation Requirements
All students must complete the designated required courses for each level, and also have the required number of credits.
Students must also maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.
All account balances must be paid in full before any diploma is issued.