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Answer To My Prayers!!!
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David Lewis, McAllen, Texas, Florida 1 month 1 week ago

"The very day I received the course on 50 Sermons For Saints & Sinners, I had been in prayer for messages from God. This sermon course came, I believe, as an answer to prayer. And after finishing this course I have already used several of these sermons and plan to use more as the Lord directs. They were a God-send just at the very time I needed them. Not only was I blessed, but the church I pastor was also blessed and I will be blessed in the future. Thanks be to God."

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Excellent Material
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B.J. Crenshaw, Lanett, Alabama 1 month ago 3 weeks ago

"These materials are excellent, well researched, and will make a great reference and information source for any library. I cannot believe just how much I have learned from your courses, thank you again for allowing me to enroll in Cypress Bible Institute."

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Enjoyed The Courses Very Much
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Elder Drysdale, Ocala, Florida 1 week 2 days ago

I have enjoyed the courses very much and have recommended the program to a young man in prison. I am also going to mention your correspondence school at our business meeting, as I know there are a number of ministers who would like to enroll in the Bachelor program. The study of the Feasts of Israel I found to be very helpful, especially in the prophetic sense."

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Thanks For The Opportunity !!!
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Mark Wiltfong, Ft. Worth, Texas, 2 weeks 5 days ago

"I look forward to completing my education at Cypress Bible Institute. I do accept and appreciate the opportunity to do so. Many thanks for the wonderful opportunity you have made available for the spiritually hungry men and women of God."

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Opened My Mind Anew!!!
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James Rowland, Riverside, California , 1 month ago

"The study under your program has opened my mind anew and it feels wonderful. I am learning many things that I never learned in school as a Baptist. I can see the years of planning and work you have put into this endeavor for Christian education. May God bless you for your time and effort."